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Newgen Elevators Approach

NewGen’s commitment to be perceived as a valuable partner for its customers can only be achieved through talented, engaged and skilled employees. We develop our people to effectively understand our customers’ needs and tailor the most efficient solutions from our innovative products and services portfolio.

We empower our people at all levels of the organization to develop leadership and decision making skills in order to shape the company’s successful future. NewGen nurtures a culture where passion, ambition and collaboration are the key enablers of its people.

Our Impact

We as NewGen believe : A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and a company supported by loyal, satisfied customers reaps a multitude of benefits. “In NewGen with a positive safety Environment, where safety does not take a back seat to productivity, employees are likely to believe they have permission to do things right. Doing things right is a permeating value in a work unit that is likely to reach into several domains of work behavior, some of which influence the quality of work,” We believe that customer satisfaction and a company’s safety Environment are “significantly correlated.”

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What We Promise

Each of our engineers is fully trained, certified and then re-trained on an ongoing basis to ensure not only the fine-tuning of their expert skills, but also full familiarity and compliance with the latest technologies, regulations and local codes. Behind our front-line specialists, experts from a wide range of complementary disciplines add their own vital contributions to ensure quality, customer focus and continual improvement in all we do

We aim at all times to be more than a supplier of an excellent equipment and services. Schindler strives always to be an provessional partner ro our customers, adding value to their enterprise, and adding value to our urban infrastucture

What We Do

We design We don’t just build machines that move people. We partner with developers, architects, consultants, surveyors and landscapers to create the integrated transit management systems that make contemporary building designs possible

We install Our installation engineers, supervisors and project managers are time-served specialists with the training and experience to install quality equipment in one of the world’s most challenging work environments: the construction site.

We maintain All NewGen equipment is designed to run for ages. NewGen service experts combine skill, experience and digital technologies to make sure the equipment under their care runs at peak performance – throughout its working life.

We modernize We can help keep aging buildings competitive with new ones. NewGen modernization gives elevators and the power, performance and aesthetics of new designs, materials and subsystems, however old the equipment.

Why We Do It

That is an achievement we are very proud of – and pride is one of the most important values at the heart of everything we do in our company. We are proud of what we do: proud to be part of very successful team ; proud of the people we work with and the customers we work for – and we take great pride in the way we do our work.

Safety always has been, and always will be our prime objective and guiding principle. For that reason, we carry out systematic, rigorous quality checks during installation, at handover of every elevator to our customers, and throughout every piece of equipment’s long working life.

We want to make a difference for the better. We believe that every interaction with a customer, partner or passenger should be a positive one. Every contact with NewGen should leave our customers, partners and passengers feeling better – confident in their choice of supplier, reassured in the quality and performance of our equipment and services, and above all safe and secure

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